Texas 2005 Day 7

Monday 7th February 2005

Today Dorothy was working so I hung out with Doug and got some hey and some special food for the cows and horses, before meeting up with Dorothy at the Mall to get my new cell phone. I got a Nokia 6015i which I a pretty cool phone. It hasn’t got a built in camera but it might still when I get home. We went for some food and had and look around the mall. We then dropped off the other truck and we all headed off back to the rodeo grounds. To pay for Doug’s wagon and set off to the store and get some ice cream and cans on the way home. That night we all sat watching The Simpson’s and Malcolm in the middle. This was Doug’s last night as he was flying back to Iraq tomorrow afternoon. After they had gone bed I decided to play with my new cell phone. I gave Linda a call to see how she was and tell here I arrived safely.