Texas 2005 Day 6

Sunday 6th February 2005

The next day is rodeo day. We set off to the grounds to meet up with Jess, Dion and Isabelle. Before going into the rodeo went to pick up my jacket and it was nearly finished when we got there and it was amazing so detailed logo. After that we went in the rodeo and found our seats I sat with Jess and Dion. I took loads of photos of the bull riding and bucking horse riding which was pretty cool. There were a few cow boys who stayed on longer than 8 seconds. After the rodeo there was a live concert of a great band called a sleep at the wheel. Which placed great and they had some star guest singers and Dorothy and Doug had a great time dancing in the walk way. They had a great laser and light show too. After the concert we had a walk around the rodeo grounds and got a load of free food and a free Koozie. We had a look at the Budweiser show horses and Doug picked out a traditional wagon he wanted. We went to meet back up with Jess and Isabelle and watched and danced to a cool band. Then we set of to go home.