Texas 2005 Day 5

Saturday 5th February 2005

I got up around 10am and felt great most of the pain had gone and I was up to going to shopping. Dorothy and Tim came to pick me up and we all went shopping. Isabelle’s daughter (Eva) came with us as well. I got a load of cowboy stuff shoes pants and shirts which were very cool. We headed back to the camp site to get changed and get the horses ready for the grand entry. After we left everyone to go into the grand entry we went to look around the rodeo grounds, and looked through all the different shops. We finally found the embroidery stall and order my custom made jacket, with my name and the trail ride logos on it. Once we had finish and got something to eat we set off to meet Dorothy to do go to stay at Dorothy house now and get the horses back home. When we got there we released the horses into the ranch field and you should of seen them go they shot off the jumped up and down happy to be home.
Then we head down to the house and I unloaded my stuff into the house and watched a bit of TV before going to bed.