Texas 2005 Day 4

Friday 4th February 2005

This morning I got up and feed and watered the horses then got some breakfast. We packed up the camp site and headed to the new camp site. Once we arrived at the camp site we set up and me Dorothy and Tim went to one of Dorothy friends, Isabelle house for showers and shaves. She had a massive 42 inch TV so I stayed there for most of the day talking to Eva and Isabelle, and watching Home Improvement. Later we met up with everyone at the barbecue and party that night for everyone on the trail rides. There was a total of 13 different trail ride groups who met up and each having around 100 – 400 riders per group. We partied that night however I couldn’t dance because I was in a lot of back pain. After the party I went back and slept at Isabelle’s house and got a great night sleep.