Texas 2005 Day 39

Friday 11th March 2005

We Arrived at Manchester Airport at 8.50am UK time which was early than we expected but we had a tail wind of 100mph most of the way, Bash picked me up to take me home, and I still hadn’t slept but didn’t want too. I spent the day unpacking my luggage, and talking to my friends. Today had been a very long day of 32hours with no sleep so I slept 12 hours the next night before going back to work.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about my time in Texas, I have decided to go back next year for the Trail Ride, and all of it this time. So don’t forget to get out the picture section as I will be adding pictures as I get them developed over the next month or two.

Also check out Texas Trek 2006.

until next year have a great 2005. Yeeeeehaaaaaaaaa

Paul Turner