Texas 2005 Day 38

Thursday 10th March 2005

We got up early and I finished all my last minute packing. Linda and Eric wanted to take me to get a picture of the lake before I left. I got to the airport a little before 10am and checked my luggage in. I went to find my gate however it turned out my flight was delayed and didn’t arrive till 1:30pm so I went for some food and sat around talking to some other people waiting for the flight. I made to last calls to the UK and when 1:30pm came the guy said there was something wrong and they have to get someone to fix it. It kept being delayed and delayed. A few other people came to find that they had missed their flights in Atlanta and have to try finding another flight which wasn’t full. If I didn’t leave San Antonio by 4pm I would miss my flight to Manchester and would be stuck in Atlanta for a week till a flight became free for me. So when it came to 3:30pm I was going to rearrange my flight for the next time instead of being stuck in Atlanta with hardly any money. However as I got up the guy said we was leaving. Dam I nearly got an extra week in Texas never mind however when I got to Atlanta I have less than an hour to get to my gate and I couldn’t fins any shops near my gate to spend my last few dollars. My flight to Manchester was on time at 8:05pm Georgia time and I made it in time to get to the gate. The flight back was bad, it was a shorter flight however I was still feeling ill and over heating and the plane didn’t even have A/C so I had to cool my self down with as much ice as I could get. There was a few movies on the plane, shall we dance, an episode of friends, an episode of cheers, the new finding never land which I didn’t watch as it was pretty boring and I wasn’t in the mood.