Texas 2005 Day 35

Monday 7th March 2005

Today we set off to go to Tracy ‘s again stopping at the bank on the way. I spent most of the day there as everyone apart from me, Donnie and Madison. So we got a lift to the Dairy Queen and had some food. Then walked back to the house and watched Scooby Doo Film with Madison . Once Eric got back we decided to go fishing so I and Donnie went in his van and Steven and Eric went in Eric’s Truck we had to travel to a lake near Dorothy house. Once we paid our Entrance fee we had to find some where to get a fishing license before meeting up with Bimbo and picked out spot to fish. We spent 3 hours fishing however Bimbo was the only one who got anything but it is too small to keep. I learnt how to fish though and I did get a few bites but the fishing cable snapped but we still had some great fun.