Texas 2005 Day 33

Saturday 5th March 2005

Today was Wedding day we had a little lie in and then got ready for the wedding. We got to the wedding an hour early so we could get ready and I was filming so had to set up the camera and get ready. The wedding went fine without any mess ups afterwards we did a photo shoot of everyone with the bride and groom before heading to the reception for a party. Once we got there we had some food we the party music then started and went on till 12am, I spent most of the time taking loads of photos plus did a few dances Linda’s Sister showed me how to do the Texas two step which If anyone wants to know its pretty simple so I’ll leave the instructions in the activities section. Once the party had finished we had to drop off Linda’s Dad before heading back, we stopped at WhatABurger on the way back as we was all hungry and we didn’t get back till around 2-3am.