Texas 2005 Day 3

Thursday 3rd February 2005

That morning I was in pain however I didn’t care I still wanted to do another days riding.
We set off around 10am this morning and I was riding daisy again as I really loved her and already got to know her. I decided to take my camera today and took some photos on the way. Today’s trip was 10miles and we stops around 3 – 4 times for food and drink. Today I decided to let Daisy do some of the driving and let here decide where she wanted to go by not holding on to the rope. We passed lots of massive ranches and some very nice horses and houses. When we got back we made another camp fire and sat around having loads of fun talking and looking at Doug’s photos of Iraq . While Doug cooked food on one the camp fires and dished it out to everyone. I slept in the trailer with Dorothy and Doug this time however my back was killing from all the riding and sleeping rough made it a lot worse.