Texas 2005 Day 27

Sunday 27th February 2005

I got a lie in this morning and when everyone got back from church with breakfast we had food and started to get the horses ready for riding. We eventually set off riding today I ridden chief for the first time however he was very funny with me and wouldn’t do what I wanted him to do the first 5 times I said it. However we managed to get back fine around 4pm however I didn’t wanted to ride anymore as I needed a tablet for my neck as it was killing. So I finished collecting my stuff together as we was suppose to meet up with Linda and stay there instead however went Dorothy got back from riding she wanted to take me on the field to shoot some guns. I shot a 45 hand gun, a magnum, a rifle and a shotgun. I was shooting cans and when I finished they were full of holes and I did some good shots on them too. However they was very loud and I had ringing in my ears. Then Tim was showing how to drive a manual gear truck which was very hard and when I was getting use to it. I tried to brake but forgot the clutch and the trucked didn’t stop so we went through the neighbor’s fence. But it didn’t cause too much damage. We then went out for food and it got to late to meet up with Linda so we decided we will meet up tomorrow instead.