Texas 2005 Day 25

Friday 25th February 2005

Today I got up early with Dorothy and we went to her school where I set off to go Down Town San Antonio again to go to the Alamo and walk around. I got the bus again this time with no problem now I know where I had to go. Went I got Down Town I went straight to the Alamo however it didn’t open till around 9:30am so I had to walk around taking photos until it opened. I looked around the main Alamo building however I couldn’t take photos as you were not allowed. However there was lots of old pictures, weapons and tools on display. There were some books that you could sign so I signed my name on exiting the Alamo I was in the Gardens were there was a very large Oak tree called the Living oak which was a very old tree and was transplanted here in remembrance 40 odd years ago. After going around the gardens and the museum I went into the shop and got some cool coins, DVD’s, CD’s and old money. I headed off for the River Centre Mall to get some dinner and then had a look around the shops again, got some PC games and another DVD. Then headed to the convention centre and park where there was lots of different building and statues on display around the park after taking loads of photos I went to see the Fountains in the park which was at the Bottom of the Tower of America’s and took and photos and video footage of the fountains before headed all the way to the top of the Tower which was 17’000 ft above sea level one of the tallest building’s in America. The view from the top was amazing and I took load and loads of photos however even though it was cloudy I could still see for miles. After I spent some time talking to someone I met from Houston I headed down and walked through La Vallita before getting the bus back to the school to meet Dorothy. When she finished work we headed to a bar called chili’s. to meet up with Dorothy’s friends and after we had some food and drinks we headed to Isabel’s house to get some fire wood for camping out and pick up Isabel’s and Eva’s stuff for tonight. Then headed back home to get the trailer and horses, when we got there we found the trailer had a faulty tire so we had to change it before loading the horse’s and on the way there the other trailer had a blow out so we met up with them and looked after the horse’s while Tim and Isabel went for a new tire. While we waited Dorothy gave some children horse rides around the car park we stopped in and once they fixed it we had to stop again to fill the tires with air as they were all low. Once we arrived at Bandera, at the camp site we unloaded the horses and made a fire and stayed up late out side the fire before going to bed.