Texas 2005 Day 24

Thursday 24th February 2005

However today I wanted to go back to Down Town but because I lost so much sleep last night I was too tried to get up early and the weather was really bad anyway so I would have gotten soaked walking around the Alamo . So I decided to stay in and write some more Journals and check my emails. I spent the rest of the day listening to MP3’s and watched some more Charmed. I have also had to pack everything for Friday night’s trip and ready for going to Linda’s house on Sunday as this will probably be the most time I will have free to be able to make sure I pack everything. While packing I have also found I don’t have enough space to fit everything so before I fly out I will have to get a new suit case and load that one too. As I have managed to fill all the bags I came with and still have stuff left over and I haven’t even bought any presents to take back either. After that I decided I start on the other sections of the website, like the activities, links and about Texas sections. However this will not go online till I get back so be sure to visit the site every now and again after the trek is over as I will be adding more photos and information as I get time to scan everything in and make the pages.