Texas 2005 Day 23

Wednesday 23rd February 2005

Today’s plan was to get up early however I too tired so I spent the day watching Shrek 2 and Charmed Season 1 (The DVD’s I bought yesterday). And also installed the MP3 player software to the Laptop and downloaded some music to put on it. Then fell asleep until Dorothy got home, she got me some pizza for tea and we watched CSI:NY and The Simpson’s. I also transferred her CD’s to the MP3 player and then we went through each one naming the artist and the song name, then went to sleep. However I got woken up around 2:30am with a thunder storm. This had massive flashes of lighting and very large rumbles of thunder, so I stayed up watching it for a bit falling asleep every so often. But waking up due to the noise of both the thunder and the rain, however the show lighting was well worth it.