Texas 2005 Day 22

Tuesday 22nd February 2005

Today I got up early with Dorothy to get a lift to her School so I could catch a bus to down town San Antonio to explore and go shopping. However all didn’t go to play when trying to get the bus. As I was at the road with the bus didn’t use till night time and I waited an hour for it till around 9am then set off walking I walked about 3 miles then gave up an found the nearest bus stop and just got on. It took be back to where I started but around to a road what the buses were using so I switched buses at around 10:25am and finally arrived in Down Town at 11am. While wondering around trying to find the mall I found the Alamo instead so I took some photos and found a tourist shop to get a map and head to the River Walk where there was the River Centre Mall. I spent the rest of the day exploring the Mall and the River Walk. I got some new stuff for my camera and got my film developed while I was there. Then I met up with Dorothy in the food court around 4pm where we headed for some food and to look in a few more stores to find the MP3 player I wanted. I also got some DVD’s as they were really cheap. Then we headed to Dorothy’s College to take her night time class in Biology. We got home pretty late so didn’t do much just watched a bit of TV before going to sleep.