Texas 2005 Day 20

Sunday 20th February 2005

Yeehaa Mexico day, after Dorothy and Isabelle got back for church we set out for a 2 hour drive to the boarder of Mexico . Most of the drive was on one very large road around 99 miles long through mostly nothing except very very large ranches. There were ranches for every thing including a grass farm. Where they grow grass to sell so that’s how they did that. Me made a stop at the only town on the road and carried on for the boarder. Once we got to the boarder town of Eagle Pass on the US side of the boarder the weather was very different, it was very hot and sunny, we parked up and walked across a very large bridge. Which went over an old Golf course on US soil and then over a river which was officially Mexico’s and then we just walked in, that’s was it no body there checking people walking in however there was Mexico people checking in coming cars. So we went to look around the market place everything was so different on this side of the boarder the people were a lot poorer as you could tell the building weren’t very looked after very well. I and Dorothy got new cow boy hats and I got a pair of sunglasses. We all had a boots cleaned and polished. We had a walk around and went for some Mexican food which was pretty nice and very cheap. We went to get Isabelle some alcohol and she got me some Mexican money for my collection. We then headed back to the bridge to cross back. We had to get through US immigration and they checked my passport and details and then we headed to the truck to get back so we can ride horses for a bit. Once we arrived back it was already getting late so only Dorothy and Tim got to ride. So Isabelle went home and I went in to watch TV while they were riding. I watched brand new episodes of The Simpson’s and Malcolm in the Middle, Which were great and very funny. Afterwards Dorothy made us pasta and we watched some more TV before going to sleep.