Texas 2005 Day 2

Wednesday 2nd February 2005

Last night was a rough night in a new place and I got up around 5am to 6am . I sat around talking to the Petersons and had breakfast. Then everyone got up around 8am and started to get ready to set off to the next stop so we can start on today’s ride. We set off around 11am and this was the first time on a horse however I wasn’t very scared or nervous and it turned out I was a natural riding on Daisy. Today’s ride was 16 miles and we had a great time riding through the Hill Country. Stopping a few time to get food, drink and rest. I found two pieces of worked flint on one of the rest stops which is hundreds of years old and was used to make arrow head by the Native Americans. Today’s ride was very cold and I think that at one point my feet froze but I didn’t care I was having too much fun. We went across rivers and fields and I manage to learn how to walk, stop, trot, gallop (which is a lot of fun) and turn Daisy where I wanted to go.
We arrived at the next camp site around 5-6pm and let a few of the kids ride around on the horses. While setting up a fire and places for the horses to stay. We sat around the camp fire talking and getting to know each other and went to get a shower at one of their friend’s houses. I slept in the pickup truck that night which was freezing cold.