Texas 2005 Day 19

Saturday 19th February 2005

Today we set up the round pen for Dorothy, Me, Tim, Dorothy and Isabelle, spent all of the morning getting it set up ready and into a circle. Afterwards Isabelle and I came in to watch TV and Isabelle fell a sleep at some point, while Tim and Dorothy was doing some other repairs outside. Me and Isabelle watched Overboard which was a very funning film and I’ll leave I review on the main PTI website. Afterwards Tim decided to come and fall asleep whereas I decided to write some more journals for the website. Once everyone was awake we went to a catfish restaurant for Tea, which was a very famous place and well known for its sea food and onion rings. We all sat around talking and eating for most of the night until they started to close and we set off back home. To get some sleep as it was around 11pm to 12am .