Texas 2005 Day 18

Friday 18th February 2005

Today I got up early to go to work with Dorothy as she was taking half the day off so she could take me to the Enchanted Rock. However before we set off we met up with Tim at his house and had a look around some places which were for sale then before we ran out of Diesel fuel we filled up and left for the Enchanted Rock it took around an hour of traveling through the great hill country stopping in a German settlement for some food and carried on to the Rock. Arriving at the Enchanted Rock I was expecting something pretty small with the name rock however it turned out to be more of a mountain nearly. However it was a complete solid mountain made of solid granite which was very steep so we decided to climb up to the summit of the Rock, while using around 3 rolls of film and taking around 500 photos on digital of some great views of the hill country. We had to set off to get back for 7:30pm as we were meeting up with a bunch of friends at clicks billiards to shoot a few games of pool and meet some more friends of Dorothy’s afterwards we went to Denny’s for some food and set off home.