Texas 2005 Day 14

Monday 14 th February 2005

Today was an early start as I decided to join Dorothy to the golf tournament today so after picking up the lads at the school we headed to the golf course. Plus today’s weather also was great which bright blue skies and sunny a great day for them to play golf. After they had warmed up and Dorothy had taken them to their starting positions we met up with Tim again and went for some breakfast and happened to bump into some of the other golf coaches getting there breakfast too. We had till around 4pm to get back as this is when we had to pick them up so we went shopping for a new saddle for Tim so he can ride on Qervo. We traveled all the way to Bandera looking for a saddle what was just right we found a few but need to test them out on one of the horses to make sure. We then noticed time had gone really quick and we had to get back to pick up the lads on the tournament however because of the weather they finished late so we had to wait another hour at that time the temperature was around 30degrees C which is pretty hot but really nice better than raining any day. Then headed back to drop them off before going to an all you can eat restaurant in down town where we met up with Hector and had some pretty nice food. Then headed back to feed the horses and then we found that one of the cows had escaped and had to search and repair the fence before heading off to sleep.