Texas 2005 Day 13

Sunday 13th February 2005

Today we got up around 7:30am and the plan was to go and get Doug’s new horse from a place called llano. Today’s weather had changed completely and it was warm and sunny and very clear skies the best weather since in have been here. We set off around 8:30am to Bandera were we was meeting up with some of out trail ride friends as they was coming with us and we was all going for a trail ride. However we only just found this out and we hadn’t any horses, on the trip there I took loads of pictures of creeks, fields, rivers and hills. We finally arrived at the Running R Ranch where we was getting the new horse from which turned out to be called Surprise and the lady who owned had spent 2 hours setting up horses to take a wagon out so we could ride in the wagon. I and Tim ended up in the wagon with the owner however riding the wagon was fun but I still would have preferred to ride a horse. So I just took pictures on the trip and back and collected a few rocks to bring back. I and Dorothy got a trip back on the wagon and Tim went off with the rest of the group. As we needed to get the new horse loaded and home before it got too dark to set up the pen for the horse to stay in and also for the horse to be able to meet the other horses in the light so it wouldn’t be as scary for Surprise. After we settle the horse in we fetched it some hey and headed out for some food at a Steak House which was the only place open at that time on a Sunday night. After our tea we came home and watched Simpson’s before going to sleep.