Texas 2005 Day 12

Saturday 12th February 2005

Tim got me up around 9am and we set off to run some errands and go for breakfast at tadpoles a local café, after breakfast we went to one of Tim’s neighbors and then headed to Bandera to have a look at some saddle shops to see if there was any good saddles for Tim to buy as he has just bought Qervo off Dorothy. At the same time I got a Texas flag while we was in town and headed to the civic hall as there was a meeting about an agreement on giving land owners property away to a company and paying them for doing so. The meeting went on for around two hours as people voiced their opinions about it. Personally I think it’s a total joke having to pay some one for giving your own land away and then giving them all the rights access to the water in full control to someone else. It’s totally crazy. They should be paying them for the land but they say they own it in the first place but can’t prove it and the land homers owners have deeds which say they do anyway after that we went back to the house and watched Die Hard on satellite. Then we met up with Dorothy and went for a fundraising meal for the local library. Afterwards we went back and Dorothy got a ride on the boat while I watched Satellite TV.