Texas 2005 Day 1

Tuesday 1st February 2005

Today was the day to set off to San Antonio Texas , there was a major accident on the motorway however we knew a detour way to get there in time. My flight left at 11:55am there was two films on the 9 hour flight Cat Woman and Shark Tale, these are two cool films. I arrived in Atlanta at 4pm Georgia time (-7). Then I had to go through security and wait for my next flight, which was due at 6:30pm . This was only a 2 hours and 30 minute flight however it was very rough that they didn’t even do a drinks service. However I got to fly over a lightening storm in the dark which large flashes of lightening filing the sky. On arriving to San Antonio at 8:05pm Texas Time (-6) I collected my luggage and met up with Dorothy and Doug. The first stop was food as I was starving as I only had plane food on the way to Atlanta . So we went to pizza hut. The next stop was supplies at Wall-Mart and then on to camp site on the trail ride, after a few games of pool and meeting everyone on the ride. I slept at the Petersons house on their massive ranch.