October 2006

24th – 29th October 2006
Halloween 2006 page made
Site converted into Halloween
Site converted into Fireworks ready for Bonfire night
New Advanced CSS installed on all pages
Articles Driving fixed and uploaded
new menu system installed
Articles Wallpapers fixed
Articles British Sign Language Fixed and uploaded
Feed2js installed on server and all pages using it transfered to dotsk server
Christmas Site Started to be designed
History of DOT.SK now finished
news updated
Some new Videos added
Great YouTube Videos Blog Online
My Games Updated
New Online Games Added on Games Section

22nd October 2006
France 2006 no 2 photos added
France 2006 no 2 set 2 photos added
My Blog Updated
Main Page Server went down had to put temp page up.
English Heritage site updated and fixed
YouTube Site online
YouTube Blog now online
lots of videos uploaded
News Updated
Wales Trip Blog Online
Wales Trip 2 Photos Online

21st October 2006
France 2006 no 2 Updated

18th October 2006
My Blog updated

15th October 2006
France 2006 no 2 Updated

14th October 2006
France 2006 no 2 Updated

12th October 2006
France Trip 2 updated
My mobile and NFL results templates upgraded
PTI Network updated
My blog updated

7th October 2006
My Blog Updated
lots of new posts from the goings on from the past 2 months
Update of the News Blog plus some Improvements
New Blog NFL results
My Blog List Updated

5th October 2006
My Blog updated
My Mobile Blog Updated