My Films Reviews September 2005

Around The World In 80 Days
staring Jackie Chan and Steve Coogan this action packed film starts off with a mad inventor who bumps into a Chinese thief who becomes the inventors partner. The inventor Phileas Fogg ends up making a claim to the gentlemen’s club that someone can travel around the world in 80 days which nobody believes so he makes a bet if he doesn’t make it round the world he has to never step foot back in the gentlemen’s club. They set off on the trip around the world first to Paris where they meet a French Artist and end up taking her with them on the trip as people are hunting for the Chinese thief for steeling a jade Buddha and on top of that the men from the gentlemen’s club have sent men out to try and stop them getting around the world on time. They battle there way around the world against the clock and all odds. This is a great action film which everyone should see and also great for those family film times. As Jackie Chan shows off his talent as a great stunt man and martial artist, which should not be missed.