My Films Reviews October 2005

The Legend of Zorro (2005)
This is the traditional story of a Mexican/Spanish hero who saved in the day with his trusted steed and sword. I think that this film is a great action film full of funny parts and fight scenes. It is about Zorro who with his son and wife couldn’t put the hours in with looking after the son, doing his day job and saving the town from bad guys. However all goes wrong when Zorro has to get a devoice because his wife is sick of him (however this forced when his wife finds out US martial find out who Zorro’s true identify and force her to go undercover.) with this Zorro goes on a mission to find out what is really going on. This is a must see film I would really recommend that everyone should see it. By Paul Turner

Lord of war
This film was about arms trading where one man decided to get into it for a quick buck. However he found out he was good at it and stayed with it. Well I thought this film would have a lot more action in it than it actually did however it was a very good story even thought there are some very bloody parts including one where a young kid gets shot it the head and you get a bullet view of the hit. But overall I think it’s a mind opening film about war and arms and that no good really does come from it about from death.
By Paul Turner

13 Going on 30
a romance film about a teenager who wishes she was 30 and her wish comes true as she wakes up the next morning as a 30 year old who is a editor for a top woman magazine her favourite as a kid. However will she pass with a mind of a 13 year old or will she blow her career. She meets up with her past best friend which turns out that they fell out after she made the wish she tries to make friends with him again. With the fight to keep the magazine from being beaten from, a rival magazine she finds out that her partner at the magazine betrays her and steels her idea plus her best friend. Will she be able to piece her life back together and save her friendship? This is a good film.
By Paul Turner

Herbie: Fully Loaded
The classic is back, live and spinning those wheels. The story starts off where a daughter of a racing family has graduated and is moving away. She used to be a racer however her father doesn’t want her to race after she crashed. The Families team is loosing as the brother keeps crashing the car. However for his daughter’s graduation he buys her a rushed VW car which turns out to take her for a ride even if she doesn’t want to. In the end she starts racing with Herbie after beating the NASCAR number one racer who gets angry when he looses and goes on a mission to destroy Herbie. With the daughter falling in love with both Herbie and her best friend manic she ends up loosing the final race and loosing both of them including everyone finding out that it was her who was driving.I think that this is a good family film to be enjoyed by anyone.
By Paul Turner

Futuristic film when a young girl is brain washed in to a super human trained to fight for the government however her brother rescued her and they end up with a captain of a spaceship and now are wanted by the government. They end up on a mission to a far way planet to find out why she is wanted so much and they find out that an experiment went wrong on the planet and killed most of the population and the rest were turned into killers who search planets killing anyone in sight. They must get the news of what happened but they are killed by the government or no one will ever no the truth about what really happened. The end battle is excellent and is a must see for any sci-fi buff.
By Paul Turner

Duce Bigalow: European Gigalow
This film is about a guy who ends up loosing his wife too a shark when out driving he still hasn’t got over her and carries her fake leg everywhere. When one day he is testing a new technology to stop whales from getting stuck on the beach however who boys try to take it off him and it ends up sending a pack of dolphins in a frenzy and start trying to eat old people. However now wanted by police for the attacks he gets a phone call from an old friend in Amsterdam and heads of to Holland to escape the police. However when he gets there, male gigolos are being murdered by a serial killer and his friend gets accursed of being the murderer and goes on the run and he has to find a way of catching the killer to help his friend. This is one hell of a funny film and a must see. Not too suitable for young kids due to its sexual jokes. But a must see for adults and teens.
By Paul Turner