My Films Reviews March 2006

Blade Trinity
15th March 2006
Blade is back in the 3rd action film where the fight with the vampires turns nasty when they trick him into killing a human and no he has the humans against him. He ends up been arrested and captured by the FBI and nearly gets handed over to the vampires but a team of humans breaks into the building and frees blade. Blade then joins them in finding the original vampire but the team ends up been killed and one of the gets captured and they had to think up a plan to break in and kill all the vampires. With the help of one of the team building a bio weapon for killing vampires they build it into they weapons and plan to give it to the original vampire and infect the rest of them. Will it work and if it doesn’t will blade be affected by it as he is part vampire.This is a great film not as good as the first one but a good sequel.
By Paul Turner

Butterfly Effect
20th March 2006

This is one freaky film where a kid blacks out the worst moments of his life when he was young and when he comes to recall them in college he can remember them and change what happens. However every time he changes it he makes it worse and every time he changes it his brain goes through hell will he be able to change the past correctly enough to make everything better in time before he gets brain damage. Plus will he be able to get his girl who he had loved every since he was young or will he have to give her up to make every thing better. This is a must see film and requires lots of attention however is well worth it.
By Paul Turner

Out of Reach
20th March 2006

Action film staring Steven Segal where he has a pen pal in Poland orphanage who gets into trouble when a bunch of human traffickers kidnaps her and a load of other kids and then Steven Segal goes to hunt down the people responsible and rescue the kids. Helped out by one of the police he tracks down how is involved and end up in a gun fight with the bad guys. This is a great story line and a must see for the Steven Segal fans.
By Paul Turner

V for Vendetta
23rd March 2006

Action film based on a comic book, V was a tortured soul who the government tested bio weapons on however everyone else died but he became stronger the more they did to him and one day the escaped and sworn a vendetta. Now the year has come where V’s plan is to take action he goes and kills everyone who worked at the government lab one by one. He also saves a girl called EV who gets attacked and then blows up the Old Bailey but they where both caught on camera and the police and government are tracking them both down and when they find out where EV worked it was too late V was already in the building and broadcasts a message to everyone. Then left a present for the police to disarm before escaping he gets caught by the police but EV helps out. She gets knocked out but V takes her to his home. She helps him kill the last few people on the list and then she leaves him and makes a new life. One year later the plan comes into action to blow up Parliament V makes a deal to kill the main person in England and leaves it to EV to blow up Parliament with a massive ending this has got to a must see film the story starts off a bit slow however becomes a interesting series of events leading to this point.
By Paul Turner
Big Mamas House 2
24th March 2006
The sequel to the comedy film, where a FBI agent has to dress as big mama to go under cover to find out who is making a hacker program to get into the FBI computer system however this time he is on his own the FBI don’t know he’s undercover and his wife thinks he’s cheating on him with another woman. The agent had to go through hell to look after the family kids with one who won’t talk and throws him self off anything with is high, one going through a boy stage and the other who wants to learn to dance and be a cheerleader. The agent has to do everything to keep everyone happy without being caught. Will he be able to find out who is the bad guys and catch them or the will the family be broken up with their dad involved with the bad guys. This is a pretty good sequel to the original and is a must see.
By Paul Turner

American Pie 1
27th March 2006

The classic Teenage film about getting laid where a bunch of high school seniors make a pact to get laid before the end of the year. Each one takes a different angle to try to accomplish the pact. One has to win his girl friend back, one makes a fool out of him self all over the internet, one is just a total loser and plays a prank on the other one but gets his own back with doing his mother go finchey, one of them takes the sensitive side and one lied his way saying he had already accomplished the pact but everyone finds out when the girl tells the whole school at the prom that he had lied which makes him piss him self in the middle of the dance floor. In the end they all learn the lesson about woman and they have to go through some hilarious stuff to learn the lesson. This is one great film and is a must see for all teenagers all over the world.
By Paul Turner

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