My Films Reviews January 2006

The Tuxedo
A martial arts spy action film staring Jackie Chan who is a taxi driver who gets a job as chauffeur for a secret agent. But all goes wrong when the agent is put in hospital and Jackie has to take his place and put on the tuxedo. This is a super 2 billion dollar suit which enables the wearer to become a super agent, the suit is full of nanotechnology which controls the body of the wearer and enables them to do anything. Jackie pretends to be Clark Devlin the spy and goes on a mission to find out who attacked his boss. Where he under covers a plot to infect the worlds water supply and kill everyone by thirst if they don’t drink the bad guys water supply. Will he be able stop the bad guys in time and will he be able to fool Clark Devlin’s new partner. A great action film with lots of martial arts and funny parts would recommend.By Paul Turner

I Spy
Spy action film where Owen Wilson teams up with Eddie Murphy a boxing star. They fly to Hungary to hunt down a new stealth jet which is invisible to the naked eye as was as radar. They have to go undercover and find out where the evil arms dealer has hidden the plane and return it back to the US Government. Will they be able to find it on there own or with the help of another special agent. I think this is one funny film which lots of action and a great story. By Paul Turner

Mr. & Mrs. Smith
Action film about a married couple who are having troubles with marriage and lies. As it turns out both are assassins for two different organizations and they don’t know about each other as its ripping the marriage apart. However after both of them get the same target and end up missing the target completely they blame each other and both of them become targets and are forced against each other. They both have to assassinate each other but they cant do it so both get hunted down by their organizations and they team up together to fight the biggest battle yet. They try to make a plan to find something bigger than they are to exchange however in finding the target which they both got sent to in the first place which started it all off they find he isn’t nothing but bate set up for Mr and Mrs Smith to go against each other. Will they defeat the organization? This is one action packed film and a must see for action fans. By Paul Turner

A film based on the annual tennis event in England , Wimbledon . This film is about a tennis player (Peter Colt) played by Paul Bettany who’s competing for the last time at Wimbledon . When he falls in love with another tennis player (Liz) played by Kirsten Dunst and her dad is trying to keep them apart and but nothing can keep them apart. The first time Peter Colt Starts to win he is been turned inside out by love. In this romantic comedy Peter fights his way through Wimbledon Tournament to the grand finale. However the romance doesn’t last when she starts to lose and blames it on their relationship. But when it comes to the final match he starts to lose but when she turns up to give him moral support he turns the game around and starts to win and when it comes down the final shot the shot is discounted as it was too close. So he has to replay will he win the final point or will he lose. Will he get his girl and the championship or will he choke. This is a funny film and has a great romance story plus if you like tennis it has lots of tennis action. By Paul Turner

Daddy Day Care
When two dads have to look after there kids when they loose their jobs. They find that there’s money to be made in looking after kids but they find that there’s not just money to be made but they find that they love the kids more. As they slowly expand there business the local day care centre tries to stop them by sending people to make sure they are looking after the kids correctly. They end up getting a friend to help as they get more than 10 children. However when they get started they find it’s a harder job than they was going to expect. However they manage to pull it off in the end until they are offered their old jobs back which they take up however it’s not long before they realise that they loved looking after the kids more. So they resign and get the team back together and move into a new place for the kids. This is one funny film and is a must see full of comedy by Eddie Murphy and Jeff Garlin. By Paul Turner

Starsky & Hutch
Based on the classic TV show Starsky and Hutch are back to find out who killed a drug dealer and how he is planning to get the drugs passed the police. Finding a floater dead they get a lead to some cheerleaders where they get the floaters jacket. Huggy gives them a tip that the jacket was made by Big Earl, so they dress up as bikers and go under cover in big earl’s bar. They find that big earl is in jail so they go pay him a visit and have to act like animals and ride each other before Big Earl speaks. Big Earl gives them a bag of cocaine which turns out to be sugar so Starsky eats it and them out to a dance club high on coke. The next day Hutch checks the stuff out and it is real cocaine and not sugar and they find out that this is the new coke which is getting passed the police dogs and they go undercover to catch the dealer. This is one funny film and is a must see for any cop lovers. By Paul Turner

Just Like Heaven
A romance story about a doctor who is obsessed with work at the end of an over twenty hour shift she has a blind date set up by her friends however while running late talking on her cell phone ends up in a car crash. A few weeks later a guy looking to rent a flat rents the doctors flat and she appears to him as a ghost as he tries everything to get rid of her it turns out he is the only one who can see her and he begins to fall in love with her. They try to make her remember who she was and in the process find out she’s not dead but in a coma. However the family is about to give permission to let her go so they have to come up with a plan to stop them will they manage to solve the problem and live happy ever after or will she pass on. This is great romance story with lots of funny parts and a must see. By Paul Turner