My Films Reviews April 2006


Action Thriller about a new technological fighter jet which thinks for itself and it joins a team of fighter jets but gets hit by lighting on the way back from a mission and starts taking its own orders. So the team has to try and bring it back in however one dies, one crashes in Korea and with one of the team left has to bring in the jet and rescue his team mate in Korea. Will he be able to save her from the Korean Army and will he be able to get the jet to come home and stop attacking Russia.
This is one cool film at make sure you turn up the volume for the Missions to make you feel right in the action. Plus the training mission at the beginning is very cool recommend this film to anyone.
By Paul Turner

Something’s Gotta Give

Romance love story when a old guy with lots of money who has lots of young girls for girl friends has a problem when he has a heart attack and goes to stay with a carer who is looking after him to help in recover from the heart attack however they end up falling in love and then once he gets better he goes back to his old tricks and leaves her behind but in his heart is really does love her but doesn’t know what to do and when she finds out she is heart broken and wont speak to him anymore however she manages to write a play about there relationship and after a lot of crying she finds a young someone and they go to Paris and he is about to ask her to marry him however the old guy happens to find them in Paris and goes to see if he can make it up to her but when he finds out she has any other guy he gives up, but does she. A very romantic story and must see for all those romantic people out there.
By Paul Turner

Ice Age 2 : The Meltdown
Children’s film about a group of animals who live in the artic however they are threatened when the ice starts melting and its going to flood their land so they go on a trek to other side of their land to the rescue of a large boat. But they had to monsters after them who got stuck in the ice 1000’s of years ago. Will they be able to escape the flood and will they be able to escape the monsters. Plus will this is a great Children’s film and would recommend it for all children and adults.
By Paul Turner

Suspense action thriller staring Harrison Ford and Paul Bettany, Paul Bettany organises a gang that hold a family hostage to use the husband (Harrison Ford) to rob the bank of 100 million dollars. However Ford doesn’t want to play along with them at first and tries escape with his family but all goes wrong when they don’t get away fast enough and get caught then he decides to come up with a plan to take the money. Using an Ipod and parts from a fax machine once he transfers the money Bettany forces him to delete all camera footage of the bank and sends a virus to the whole banks network which crashes everything. Then when he gets home theirs no family and someone to meet him however he manages to kill him and get away to his friends house Harry’s. When he breaks into Harry’s he finds a message from his wife saying she’s left him for Harry then his Harry and Bettany turn up and Bettany kills Harry with Fords gun. He takes his gun and leaves to go to find his secretary to help him get the money back and use it to get to get his family back. This is one great film and is a must see.
By Paul Turner

Secret Window

Thriller about a writer who starts to get stalked by a man saying that he has stolen a book that he wrote along time ago with the writer going through a devoice and under lots of stress to write another book this is all he needs. The threats get more and more as the stalker kills his dog and he reports it to the police and gets a private detective.
But he gets a break when he sends for a copy of his book in its first print sent to him to prove he wrote it. But when he gets it home the pages are missing and he starts to go crazy and goes to meet up with the stalker and find the private detective dead and a witness of the stalker dead too. So he had to depose of the bodies and heads home. However he starts to go completely nuts and when is ex wife comes round he attacks her and her new boy friend and buries them in the back garden. He then starts to become the person in the book he wrote. This is a twisted thriller which is pretty cool how it is written to keep you thinking all the way through of what is really going on.
I rate it a must see however for adults as it contains death.
By Paul Turner

Wedding Crashers
A comedy where two guys have a job of crashing weddings they would pretend to be apart of the family and join in with the wedding and parties to pick up babes. However one wedding goes slightly wrong when one of them falls in love with one of the bridesmaids and the other has a bridesmaid who won’t leave him alone.
But they get involved with the family on a whole new level and hang out at there house. the only problem is one of the bridesmaids had already got a boy friend and he has to try to win her over and when he finally manages it the boy friend finds out about the wedding crashing and spills the beans to the whole family but they cant let go of the bridesmaids and one is still trying to finds ways to win her back and the other is having a secret relationship with the other. Will he finally be able to get her back and will they get married themselves to make it the first wedding they didn’t actually crash. This is a must see comedy and will make you laugh all the way through. Does contain some nudity not recommended for children.
By Paul Turner