France Trip No2 2006 Day 8

Day 8 – Traveling
Tuesday 17th October 2006

We got up pretty early and finished off packing before setting off to the airport. On the way we stopped off at the supermarket for some maps and fuel. When we got to the airport around 12:00pm we checked our luggage and Lynn did some shopping we went in one of the bars for a drink and something to eat before leaving Mike and going through Security. We had a short wait however the plain was delayed a bit so we had to wait a bit longer however we set off with tail wind so we arrived in Luton on time. Once we waited ages to go through passport control as there was a long queue we collected our luggage and headed for the car park bus which was very busy but didn’t take to long before we was at the car park and loaded up the car and headed out on the M1. We stopped off at the first service station for food plus I hadn’t shut my door fully so we would oh had to pull over anyway but we were starving after only having a snack at the Brest airport. We set off again on a long 200 Mile trip back home. I managed to drive all the way back as I had two cans of Red Bull and was wide awake. We got back about 8:30pm and filled up at Sainsbury’s before I dropped off Lynn and headed home to unpack.