France Trip No2 2006 Day 6

Day 6 – Chickens
Sunday 15th October 2006

This morning I spent some time making and baking Pain Au Chocolat and Croissants for breakfast which where nice and going to see if I can bring some stuff back to make some more back home. We spent the morning talking about buying houses over here and looking on the internet for some cheap houses found some nice ones too at
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We had a look on <a href=””></a> too before we set off to go and drop off some business cards which Mike had Made and we said hello and started talking to his friends I ended up helping one of the lads repair the chicken coup which too ages I ended up building a new extension to the coup which required us to saw and hammer4 wooden post about 3 foot deep in the ground with only a lump hammer so it took awhile to finish off while we was busy doing that Mike and Lynn had gone off with his friends to see a house for sale. After the posts where up I nailed on side boards at the bottom ready for chicken wire however we didn’t have any to finish it off so the lads are going to finish it off when they get the stuff. I took some photos which I will put up as well. While I was there one of the chickens laid an egg which was cool to see and the egg was pretty warm after it had some out we spent some time watering them and feeding them. He also had a turkey which apparently was for Christmas and some ducks. They are really cheap to buy over here at only €2 each for chickens and they usually lay eggs for around 2 years so not bad to pay €2 for 2 years worth of eggs, will have to get some when I come over here or see how much they cost over in England.
We left there around 6pm and headed back I jumped in the shower and worked on writing the journals while Mike and Lynn went off to see if they could find a house we seen on the internet for sale.