France Trip No2 2006 Day 5

Day 5 – Lorient
Saturday 14th October 2006

We had a visit from a friend of mikes in the morning and I spent sometime working on some new websites. We had breakfast dinner before setting out. We traveled through Bannalec, Quimperle, down through Baye and stopped at Le Pouldu to have a walk around the beach and the rocks. Stopped to see Fabian’s mums hotel which they live in and own we headed into Lorient and stopped off in Decathlon to have a look round I got a new pair of fishing glasses and then went to have a look in Brico Depot and then headed to Lanester to a big shopping centre called Geant where we did some shopping and Mike went on to do the finale of the Sodoku challenge where you have to get one number on the Board in the fastest time we win he came 7th but only needed 1 point to come in 3rd Place but he still won a €50 gift voucher for the shopping centre. However for the weeks worth of people playing he was the 3rd fastest person all week and the 2nd fastest for the day he played. Afterwards we sat in the car and ate a snack before heading back to the house. Once back we had tea and watched TV for a bit before I went to bed.