France Trip No2 2006 Day 4

Day 4 – Concarneau
Friday 13th October 2006

We spent the morning Picking Hazel nuts, Horse chestnuts plus we went for a small walk around near the community centre afterwards we came back and listened to a French course CD which is pretty good. Then we set off to go to the Ville Close where it was very quiet this time and a lot of the shops where closed but we had a walk around the shops and the outer wall taking a few photos before heading back to the shops and I brought some chocolate and a model of a turtle. We headed back to the car and drove round to the pier where we went last time and had a walk along it before heading to the Hypermarket where we did some shopping. When we got back Mike started to make Aurore’s Birthday Cake while I started to cook live Claw fish and eat them as I cooked them they was well nice spent about an hour cooking and eating them. After that took some photos of the finished cake mike made then I spent some time on the computer while he made sweet and sour chicken. Then he went out to take Aurore’s cake and stayed out all night at the night club. While me and Lynn watched Top Gun on TV