France Trip No2 2006 Day 1

Day 1 – Traveling
Tuesday 10th October 2006

Welcome to another one of my trip hope you enjoy reading about it.
This time I am taking my friend Lynn from B & Q to stay with my Uncle for a week.
I left my house around 3am and drove to pick up Lynn once there we had to drop off something in Stalybridge before to set off to Luton it was around 4am by the time we got on the M60 and headed it out. The motorway lights where out on some of the M60 which was strange some one must have blown a fuse.
We arrived at the M6 Toll road Service Station at around 6am which was pretty good time after we had a rest and had some food we set off again at 7am but this time I was getting very tired so I had to pull over again after about 30mins and then Lynn drove the rest of the way however just 5.5 miles from out junction we hit stand still traffic so it took nearly an hour to travel just 5.5 miles however we got to the car park ok and dropped the keys and jumped on the free bus to go to the airport. We got there a bit late but still had time to get some food before heading through security and then did a quick look around the shops before heading to the gate. The flight was on time and it only took an hour to get to Brest. However we collected our luggage and Mike was late so we waited awhile before he picked us up.
Once we got back we unpacked the luggage and then headed to the supermarket and filled up the trolley with loads of stuff spent about €120 but should last us all week.
Once we got back and unpacked the shopping Mike made us tea and we talked for a bit before a fell asleep as I was so tired.