France Trip 2006 Day 7

Today we decided to do a few jobs to help out my uncle we cut the hedges and half the grass at about 12pm we set off to got to Lorient when we got there we went for FLunch which was pretty cool we had dinner and then went to look around a few shops before going into the supermarche after we had a walk around we drove to the port and had a look at the ships and in a few shops before heading back to the car and headed to Decathlon I got a new heart rate monitor watch and we headed back to the house. On the way back we dropped into supermarche for a few supplies and headed to see johns house one of Mike’s friends. We spent about an hour playing with the dogs, looking at there house and talking before heading to the house. Once we got back mum and Mike made Lasagne and rhubarb crumble, after having tea we watched Big Brother and started to pack our suitcases before heading of to bed.