France Trip 2006 Day 6

Got up pretty early about 9am and we spent sometime talking to neighbors mum and I got some rhubarb off next door and once we got ready we set off to Coray first passing through a nice Petite Ville then traveled to Quimper and parked up and when for a walk around the town taking photos of the Cathedrale Saint-Corentin and the surrounding shops we when for a mission to find a Creperie that one of Mikes neighbors sisters owns. But we went in the wrong way but got some food and ice cream but on the way back to the Cathedral we walked right passed it but Mike released so we took a few photos and headed into the Cathedral after a walk around we headed back to the car and had sandwiches before heading to Locronan which was a Petite Ville which is untouched from civilization and is a village which once started in 1031 so its nearly 1000 years old and the church its very gothic as it was one of the first buildings which started the village we spent ages taking photos and shopping I bought some sweets and two dragons one is green and one is black this one is for burning insentience sticks. We headed back to the car and headed to Douarnenez where we passed the port and a ship grave yard where old ships were we took some photos and headed to Pont-L’abbe and then Benodet port which was a nice port and beach after taking photos we went to the port of Fouesnant where we had tea in a restaurant which served fish and only fish. I had Crab and Mike had fillet of fish and mum had Scallops it took me ages to eat the Crab but it was nice afterwards we headed back to the house.

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