France Trip 2006 Day 5

Well I had a lie-in till about 10am once we got up we spent some time getting ready and having breakfast and talking to one of the neighbors. We set off towards Quimperle we passed through and headed to Le Pouldu which was a nice beach and port where we walked on the beach and watched some people put up a ships mask using a crane. After we walked back to the car we headed to Doelan port stopping at another beach along the way where we sat and took photos for a bit before heading for the port of Doelan where there was great view of a beach and ships in the port. We traveled around to the other side of the port and then headed to Quimperle were we had a walk around the town taking photos of the river and some old buildings which were pretty cool then headed to get bread and some cakes before heading back to the car and traveled back to the house where we ate our cakes and Mike cooked tea. After tea I surfed the internet for awhile but the neighbors came over and wanted help with the computer it turned out they needed something printing and we couldn’t get the information off the computer so I had to spend ages typing French essay into my laptop to take it over to Mikes to print it. After that I was knackered and headed to bed.