France Trip 2006 Day 4

Well last night it rained a bit for the first time while we where here we went bed around midnight and I got up about 9:30am one of Mikes friends where here and we chatted to him for awhile before setting off to go to the shops first we went to the bakery to get bread and then to Inter-marche to get shopping. Once we come back we got the fishing stuff ready while mum made sandwiches and we set out and drove through Pont-Aven and to Port Manech where we spent the day fishing I caught a bunch of small crabs and two of little fish what looked a bit tiny cat fish however we spent ages trying to catch big fish using different bates however we didn’t get anything. We met a few couples of English people some living there and some on holiday. We was fishing with one couple and spent all day but they didn’t catch anything either. Plus other people who where locals didn’t catch anything too so it was very strange but we had fun. On the way back we passed through Rospico and Nevez on the way to Ponte de Trevignon and when for a walk across the rocks and the sand taking lots of photos we then headed back to Nevez and order Pizza which took about 20mins to make so we went for a walk around the church and found a little church and then headed back to the pizza shop to pick up the food then headed to Pont-Aven to sit down in front of a the river where the boats where anchored to eat our Pizza then I took some photos before we headed back to the house. When we got back we went across the road to talk to the neighbors and I played with the dogs for a bit before we headed back to the house.