France Trip 2006 Day 3

            Well last night we stayed up pretty late till about 2am and then I didn’t get up till about 11am so we decided not to go too far so we decided to go and see some chapels. First we traveled to Chapelle Saint Fiacre which was a gothic church built around 1400’s that was pretty cool we took photos and got to walk around inside. Then we headed to see Le Trambour de ville (a small part of the town with a chapel and just down the round we went to see Le marche du Faouet (which was a very old market building) and then headed to see Chapelle Saint Barbe before I went to have a look around we sat down to have lunch it was pretty late about 3pm by then. Once I went to have a look at the place it was pretty amazing and have a bell tower not built in but separate and the place had longs steps and a arch to got down to get to it. The church was built into the side of a mountain and after I ran round taking photos I followed a sign to a fountain which was a steep rocky path and I twisted my ankle on the way down but I stopped for a minute and carried on down the path coming to a small little fountain then I followed the sound of water to a river which was pretty nice after taking photos I headed back to climb up the path which was very hard work with my ankle hurting but a managed it pretty quick with only one break. After we hiked back up to the shop we got ice cream before heading to uncle Mikes friends house in Langonnet and caught the end of the England match and stayed there talking for awhile and then followed some friends back to there house and spent awhile talking in the sun. We left there around 7pm and headed to see a nearby lake before heading back to the house. We took a nice country road back to Guiscriff and to the house for tea.