France Trip 2006 Day 2

Bonjour, Well after a great long sleep I got up about 9am and had a play on the PSP until I had Breakfast about 10am we had a chat to the next door neighbor before setting off to Concarneau to see the beach and Ville Close. The sky was very clear and the sun was very hot it was about 32c by midday. We parked up at a pier and we had a walk on the pier and down to Ville Close which is a fortified village surrounded by the Ocean. We walked around the shops which were a bit like the street in Harry Potter. We stopped at a Pizzeria to get lunch then walked around a section of the wall then headed back to the shops and got some sweets, smelly sticks a flag and some ice cream before heading back to the car we had a drive around the town before heading back to my uncles house. On the way back to stopped of and walked around Rosporden Lake we only walked around the first one however there is a few different lakes these are mainly for fishing but it was a nice walk and got to see ducks and swans. I must have taken about 200 photos, plus I have been taking video footage well which I will be editing for my video Podcast when it’s up and running. I had some time playing on the PSP before having tea and then started to type the past two days Journals. I spent sometime trying to find a hotel in London ready for next week as it needs booking usually 5days before as London is busy. Anyway until tomorrow. Au Revoir