France Trip 2006 Day 1

Well we set off at about 4am after only having about 2 hours sleep probably not even that and we had to drive down to Luton airport in London. We stopped off along the way through Birmingham getting breakfast and then headed straight for London. About 3 miles before our junction we hit major traffic which took ages to get through. But once we got through we headed for the sky park and dropped off the car and got the bus to the airport. We arrived at the airport about 9am which was a bit early but better than being late. We got a drink and a fruit and custard Danish then checked in our luggage and headed to security to go into the departure area. After having a look around the shops and getting a few supplies we headed for the long trek to the Gate which took about 30mins after stopping off for a quick drink break. Then we waited to board the plane at 11am we set off just before 12pm and got to Brest by 1:50pm (France time) it was a very short flight and we met Uncle Mike after collecting our luggage. Then headed to his house which took about 1hour and a half drive once we got there we unloaded our luggage and settled in. We then went off to do some food shopping and the get petrol and when we got back to sat and rested plus watched House and Grey’s Anatomy before going to sleep.
Anyway that’s all for the first day of the trip keep checking back for new updates. Plus there will be photos added once I get back as I don’t have anyway to get my photos on the my uncles PC anyway until next time
Au Revoir