December 2006

30th Decemeber 2006
PTI Video Podcast Updated
The Brotherhood Podcast Updated
PTI Podcast Updated
Paul Turner Myspace Updated
The Brotherhood Soldiers Podcast Updated

29th December 2006
New PTI Video Podcast
The Brotherhood YouTube Now Online

26th December 2006
Redesign of Index to make more enjoyable surfing.
Increase in window size. Logos at bottom moved to Mainpage left hand side.
Mainpage updated
Podcasts Section added.
Christmas Design Last Day

24th December 2006
Photo Section in Progress

23rd December 2006
Paul Turner International Podcast now online
The Brotherhood Podcast now online
The Brotherhood Soldiers MySpace online

13th December 2006
Christmas in Manchester No 3 Video Added
Christmas Design Online
Christmas Section Online

11th December 2006
Blood or Whisky Gig Video Added
Christmas In Manchester No 2 Video Added

6th December 2006
Christmas Lights in Manchester No 1 Video Added

3rd December 2006
Fab Bar Video Added

2nd December 2006
Christmas In Manchester No 1 Video Added.
RSS Section Online