Berlin 2005 Day 4

Thursday 7 th April 2005 After a very late night of 3am watching films I was very tired however I still got up at 11am to go to see check point Charlie and get some photos and more souvenirs. I bought a Berlin T-shirt, lots of flags and some bits and bobs. Then headed to see Gendarmenmarkt to take some photos and headed back to the hotel to drop my stuff off. After that I caught a tram to the sea life centre and spent around an hour exploring the centre and the Aqua Dome. I took a ton of photos before heading to Berliner Dom. i.e.: Berlin Cathedral and spent a while looking around the massive gold interior decorated with religious pictures and a massive set of organs after taking even more photos I headed out side. I had started raining when I got so I spent some time sat under the arches until it stopped raining. After it had stopped I set off into the Schobplatz to take some photos of the cathedral from the front and taking photos of Lust Garten and museum of national Gallerie. I was now on my last memory card and roll of film so I headed back to the tram and back to the hotel at Alexanderplatz. When I got back to the hotel I made a few phone calls and sorted out my suitcase and bag ready for tomorrow. Then headed for some food and to find some more film to replace the film I had just used. I took the last photos of the sunset and got an early night.