Berlin 2005 Day 3

Wednesday 6 th April 2005 Today I decided to go on the Berlin sightseeing tour bus. It was a two hour trip from my hotel and around Berlin and back. There were 15 stops however the first time I decided to stay on all the way around. Once I got back to the hotel I went for some dinner then headed back on the tour bus and headed to Brandenburg gate. There I bought some souvenirs and took lots of photos before getting back on the bus and travelled passed the palace Schob Charlottenbury around the city however we ended crashing so we had to jump off and get on the next bus. We headed passed Potsdamerplatz and passed the Jewish museum passed check point Charlie and passed the Berlin wall. Once we got back to the hotel I got off again and headed to the TV tower. It wasn’t very far from the hotel just around the corner. I headed up to the top of the TV tower which was 206metres high. I spent ages taking photos and taking in the great view I headed back down and headed back to the hotel. I had enough running around for one day so I decided to watch films all night. I watched Underworld, Bourne Supremacy again, and then got some tea before watching The Manchurian Candidate and The Terminal.