Berlin 2005 Day 2

Tuesday 5 th April 2005 I got up around 10am and headed out to the underground train. I travelled to the other side of Berlin to see the Egypt museum which happened to be closed stopping for dinner along the way. So I decided to go across the road to Schlob Charlottenburg Royal Palace . Which was re built after the war, I had a tour of the chambers and halls which where covered in gold and pictures of kings and queens for an hour or so then headed back to the under ground and headed to Zoologsiher Garten to take some photos of a bombed church which has been left like it was for remembrance. After taking loads of pictures I headed to Potsdamerplatz to have a look at the Sony Centre which was and very amazing building as in was made of glass and had a mirror fountain in the centre which reflected the strange built roof. So I took a ton of photos before heading back to the hotel for tea and relax which the view of the Berlin sky line from my bed room window as the sun set. I went for a look around the hotel and found loads of shops and burger king so grabbed some food and collected some leaflets from reception to plan tomorrow’s day of exploring before I went bed.