Berlin 2005 Day 1

Monday 4 th April 2005 I had to get up early to go get my Euros and sort out some stuff in Denton before I headed to the airport grabbing McDonalds on the way back. After finishing packing and waiting for my lift what didn’t turn up. So I waited till 12:30pm before phoning for a taxi. So I got to the airport a bit late but it turned out my flight was delayed anyway so after walking a ghost terminal as there was hardly any flights. When I finally got on the plane it was only an hour trip to Amsterdam then a short wait before my next plane which I had the times mixed up and thought I was going to miss it. But never mind. I arrived at Tegal airport Berlin at around 8:30pm and caught a taxi to the Park Inn hotel. Which was in a great location next to Alexanderplatz which is one of the places borne supremacy was filmed, I was on the 28 th floor and the view was great with the TV tower right across from the hotel which was lit up at night with all the other buildings. I didn’t get to the hotel till 9pm so I was too tired to go exploring so I watched some German TV and Bourne Supremacy before going to bed.