26th December 2005
Data started to be transfered over

23rd December 2005
Fault on Design Solved

20th December 2005
Redesign Testing stage

10th December 2005
Final Redesign chosen

24th November 2005
Redesign started

21st November 2005
My Films Updated
BSL Updated

20th November 2005
My Film Reviews Updated (lots of new Reviews)
Link Exchange With http://www.0-gambling.us

7th November 2005
New film reviews added
4 new Website Articles added

4th November 2005
More film reviews added

2nd November 2005
New film reviews section
plus film reviews added

1st November 2005
New Reports Sections
New Articles added
Reports section redesigned
Final Fantasy Section added

31st October 2005
New film Anagrams and answers
About PTI updated
Updated content Page
Updated Features Page
News Banner Updated
404 Error Report worked
Coming Soon New DOT.SK History section

24th October 2005
New and updated all PTI Meta tags on all pages in main dir.

23rd October 2005
New Trading Card Articles in the Reports section
New Webdesign tips section on line

22nd October 2005
Contact Prints from the 1st 6weeks
New BSL lesson notes
New Photography article added
New section in making (webdesign Tips)
Index Updated
News Updated

7th October 2005
Sign Language lesson 29/9 and 6/10 added
september stats added

30th September 2005
New Sign Language Section Added
Sign Language 22/9/05 lesson added
New Octobers Wallpapers added
News Updated, Whats new Updated, Scrolling updated
Jam Jar Online Logo designed

29th September 2005
New Adverts added
New Photography Section added
New Photography Articles Added
404 error report worked

27th September 2005
Redesign of index
New Reports Added

26th September 2005
ROR info added

23rd September 2005
New Anagrams Added with Answers
New crosswords Added

22nd September 2005
New Driving Lesson Notes Added
New Stats Section added
Renewed Domain www.dotsk.co.uk

31st August 2005
New wallpapers added
Sorry but puzzle section won’t be updated yet
until my PC is fixed as the files a Compressed and Secure
Driving lesson Section added

1st August 2005
New Film Anagrams added
Answers to July Film Anagrams added
New Anagrams added
Answers to July Anagrams added
New August Wallpapers added
New August Sudoku added
Answers to July Sudoku added
Answers to July crosswords
New august crossword added (Harry Potter)
404 error report worked

25rd July
New Anagrams section added
New crossword section added
July crosswords (computers and states)

23rd July
www.dotsk.com stats hit 1729 visitors this month
www.dotsk.com stats hit 120926 hits this month

12th July 2005
NEW Domain www.paulturnerinternational.com now active

11th July 2005
Film Anagram Section Added

7th July 2005
New Features Section
New content Section
News flash – london
ReDesign of Personal site

5th July 2005
Revamp of Films section
New Games added
Lotto Results now added
Front page has prepared to change

2nd July 2005
New Links Page 3
New Sudoku Section
July’s Sudoku

1st July 2005
College Folio
Updated Links
New wallpapers
New Planned Holiday Trip

4th June 2005
Redesign of Links 1&2

1st June 2005
New wallpapers

29nd May 2005
Redesign of Index

11th May 2005
Wallpapers Now online

13th April 2005
Berlin Online
Texas Trek 2006 Online
Turner Photos Online

31st January 2005
New Quick Menu Installed