31st December 2004
Happy New Year
The Show Website Updated
College Show DVD Banned Report now online
Tsunami Appeal Report now online

25th December 2004
Great Manchester Run 2005 Report now online

20th December 2004
Paul Turner Personal site Back online
Click Here
Hyde Clarendon Awards evening report added.

9th December 2004
The new College Show Website opens for the 2004 show
The Alternative to a Christmas Show

7th December 2004
UT Zone Website opens

1st December 2004
Texas Trip Website Opens

20th November 2004
Film Section re-opens

9th November 2004
Hey i redesigned the menu’s and put them in Iframes to make it easy to update the site.
if you have any problems with the iframes i also installed a navigation bar at the bottom of each page
I also added some new journals to the site to now include rome and geneva.
Plus added some new film reviews and tranfered the old ones from the old site.
I split the links page up to links and uni links as i was running out of room.

14th October 2004
I finaly got some time to update the site and also decided on a revamp of the site
and also name change. Hope you like the new site.
plus lots more to come including multi languages and my journal on my trek around the world
which i have begun.

4th June 2004
Sorry the site has not been updated like I said it would but I had a close brush with death.
As I went for an emergency operation to have my apendix removed.

30th May 2004
DOT.SK site is revamped tell me what you think of the new design
go to contact page for email address.
DOT.SK is in talks about redesigning www.trebboruk2002.net

29th May 2004
Coming soon DOT.SK designs©
DOT.SK is in talks about designing Chilli Photographers website
more to look out for

1st may 2004
DOT.SK closes site for Local metal band.

21st February 2004
Ice World and Trek for Life China sites added
Ice World
Trek for Life China

1st January 2004
New Year photos added
Check out the front page of my personal site