30th December 2003
MY Christmas Eve and Day Photos have been added
Check out the front page of my personal site
Hotspot’s and Racer’s Website’s are online

29th December 2003
9 new film reviews added to the film section
James Bond 007 Site now open

17th December 2003
Santa’s little Helper Website is online.
Also its the first site I have made with some Chinese which was Translated by Harry
( Chien Hung Tan)
English and part Chinese

13th December 2003
Project X releases there Real Name Crackerjack Box.

8th December 2003
Laser Quest Team Site is Integrated with www.DOTSK.co.uk

7th December 2003
Tameside Skaters is Integrated with www.DOTSK.co.uk

28th November 2003
www.dotsk .co.uk goes online
A new section to the website has been built with reviews of films and games.

25th November 2003
My Personal Site is Integrated with www.DOTSK.co.uk

25th November 2003
DOT.SK becomes Web Designer, Web Master and Photographer for a local band.

25th November 2003
I have just secured www.DOTSK.co.uk again for the next 2 years

27th October 2003
Every thing went great and we raised over £600 towards fighting Breast Cancer

3rd October 2003
DOT.SK produces event documents for Cancer Research UK Ashton

25th September 2003
DOT.SK organises

27th October 2003
£1 Entry

1st September 2003
DOT.SK comes webmaster of www.ashihara.co.uk

30th August 2003
DOT.SK reopens with a brand new website

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