Zurich 2004 Day 4

Thursday 9 th September 2004  

Today’s plan was to go the town of Lucerne however I changed my mind again and decided to mount Pilatus, this mountain was taller than Mt Rigi which I was told had some great views. I went by coach like before which was around 1hour and a half long plus we got to have a look at the lion in Lucerne . On the way I made friends with a couple from Australia and spent the journey talking with them. Once we arrived we had to get a small cable car which only took 4 of us at a time however there was lots of them. Half way up the mountain we had to get off and get on another cable car to go up the steepest part of the mountain however this one was very big at fit about 40 people. This was such an amazing view as we were travelling up the mountain. Once at the top there we 3 different peaks to climb up which I spent all of the time climbing and exploring. There was also a restaurant, hotel and a train station. About 20 minutes before I was suppose to meet up to catch the train. I bumped into the couple from Stockport which was a surprise so we spent that time talking. Before meeting back up with the Austrians as I lost them half way round the mountain. We then had to wait for the train down the mountain. This was the steepest cog wheel train in the world and I got some great shots as we came down the mountain. One we arrived we had to catch the boat to take us to a port near Lucerne where we was going to meet up with the coach. The boat ride was cool and there where other sailing boats on the lake so I was taking photos of them. Once I arrived back in Zurich I went back to the hotel to change ready to meet up with Amy and some of her friends to go for some tea. We spent ages looking for a restaurant with some space but we found a nice Italian restaurant where we talked and had pizza. To night was my last so after the meal I went back to the hotel and grabbed my camera to take some night time shots of Zurich .