Rome 2004 Day 4

Thursday 15 th July 2004

Another very early morning as we needed to catch another train and my last full day in Italy I wanted to make the most of the day. We got the train to Florence today which took around 4 hours and arrived in Florence around 1 pm how ever we spent ages and ages trying to find the tour shop for going to Pisa but by the time we found it we had missed it.

So instead we got some food and got a tour pass on the Florence tour bus. Which took us all around Florence from the train station to the mountain of Michael Angelo and all the way around and through out the city. So lots to take pictures of especially the panoramic view of the whole city as it were amazing. We then went to see Saint David’s statue. Then off for tea at a nice Chinese restaurant. Before heading back to catch the train back to Rome . We exchanged details when we got back and talked to the Italian bar tender while taking the last photos of use together and of the hotel. After we all went up to our rooms I spent some time backing and getting ready to set off home.